“The world was all before them…”

We’re stealing Milton’s words to state something that by now is probably a little bit obvious: we’re taking a break. We’ve gone on hiatus.

John Martin, Pandemonium, 1841. courtesy of Wikipedia
John Martin, Pandemonium, 1841. courtesy of Wikipedia

We tried something and then tried something else, and tried something else again; we’ve come to the time and place where we must leave our Edenic games and step towards something real and realistic. Unlike Milton’s heroes, however, we have the chance to think, to court ideas, to plan carefully and broadly. Like protagonists in a novel, we’ve come to a chapter’s close thinking we knew who we were. Now we must determine who we might want to be. We’ve done things we’ve liked, and that you’ve liked, and more importantly, we have determined what we don’t want to be. Right now, we’re getting lost in a paradise of possibilities, choosing how we want to grow. We hope that when we metamorphosise, you’ll like what we become — be challenged by it, and want to interact with it.

Simply put, dear reader, we haven’t forgotten about you, so please don’t forget about us, or count us out.