Hudson Taylor

Harry and Alfie Hudson Taylor
Harry and Alfie Hudson Taylor


Hello my dears. I thought I’d bring some happy sounds into your weekend, if you don’t mind? Particularly if, like me, you’re not as big on the sort of music they play at clubs – nobody’s saying that Robyn isn’t great, or that Beyonce hasn’t had her moments… But if you find yourself drawn to stuff that’s a little more organic, where you can hear the thrum of the guitar strings, and their voice becomes an instrument in itself, harmonised but not digitally altered, then we’re going to get along. I don’t profess to know everything there is to know, and if you’ve got something you can recommend to me, I say, “heck yes!” I’m always interested in finding new music that I can tap my toes to.


That being said, I beg of you: go and listen to Hudson Taylor! I first heard about these guys by happy chance when I clicked a link on Twitter, via Gabrielle Aplin (who: interesting tidbit, is dating the younger lad, Alfie). She’s the one who sang the beautiful and by all intents incredibly successful cover of “The Power of Love” in 2012 and then released her self-written single “Please Don’t Say You Love Me”.



So, through the sheer luck of clicking on a Twitter link, I found Hudson Taylor, and they have perhaps surpassed my love of Gabrielle Aplin. Wonderful as she is, there’s something really quite special about these lads. They are self-described as an “Irish pop-folk duo” but there’s something in that description which doesn’t quite do them justice. There’s something jivey, doo wop, 1950s-y about their music. They strongly call to mind the Everly Brothers, perhaps it’s the harmonised male voices, or the catchy, light-hearted lyrics. They seem to incorporate the rawness of acoustic guitar and folk with an upbeat rock n roll element. Honestly, it’s quite difficult to grasp what makes them unique, give them a listen and see if you agree with me:

As a lover of both 1950s music [rock n roll, doo wop, rockabilly, you name it] and folk music, I just love how Hudson Taylor strike a balance between the two. It’s too exciting to say that this might be a revival of the 50’s style that I love, but they do seem to fit in with a certain vibe that we’re hearing these days. Think Jake Bugg (whom the duo have supported on tour), She&Him, Lana Del Ray and the Lumineers.



If you like what you’ve heard, you can find an abundance of their stuff on YouTube, which is where they first started out, like so many of today’s musical stars. They’ve also released 3 EPS, “Battles,” “Cinematic Lifestyle,” and “Osea” of which the latter two particularly move me. Their album is due for release on March 23rd and needless to say I’ve already pre-ordered it.


FINALLY: and I know, you’re wondering, “are they paying her to plug this?” (they’re not) they’re touring in February. Yes, in like a few weeks. But here’s the deal, live music is by far and away the most fantastic means of finding new music. One band has a support act, and so on and so forth, these groups tend to be in a little community, and before you know it, your Spotify playlists are all full of new and quirky tunes! The other great thing about seeing them live is that THEY HAVEN’T RELEASED THEIR ALBUM YET, which means tickets are cheap – a great way to spend an evening if you fancy doing something different, and when these guys get big – you can say you knew them way back when 😉


So listen, doooo it, I dare you.


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