Music for the Long Ride…

I rarely listen to the radio, but I have to admit that I became quite addicted to Spotify and the concept of “pick and choose your music for free.” Alas, now that I no longer live in the UK, and the concept of affordable unlimited data is greater myth than a unicorn in the USA, I had to give that up on my morning commute. On top of this little snafu, my trusty 160 GB iPod kicked the bucket before I returned to the USA, and I came home two months too late to replace it (Apple made the biggest mistake by yanking this product; Steve Jobs NEVER would have stood for this).


But I commute about 4 hours total, each day. And that is a long time to go in silence (though sometimes, ambient noise and a book, or just nothing at all is what the doctor ordered). I haven’t (yet) been reduced to pulling out the old portable CD player, dusting it out, and praying that it still works, but instead, I’ve been faced with the random hodge-podge of whatever was downloaded onto my phone the last time I bothered to load music onto it. I have learned that I have eclectic tastes, but some of the stand-out tracks from my early morning/late-night commute are worth sharing.


Reader beware: if you are looking for some highfalutin, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork – level savvy, look elsewhere. My tastes are shameless and I like them that way. So take a listen…


“Anything Could Happen” – Ellie Goulding


“Anonanimal” – Andrew Bird


“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Cyndi Lauper


“Follow Through” – Gavin Degraw


“Teenage Dream” – Katy Perry


“House of Cards” – Radiohead


“Time Flies” – Lykke Li


“Weightless” – Natasha Bedingfield


“Why Can’t You Look at Yourself” – Release the Sunbird


“Can’t Fall Down” – Natasha Bedingfield


“Mercy” – Onerepublic


“Hanging By A Moment” – Lifehouse


“Secrets” – Onerepublic


“Raise Your Glass” – Pink


“Giving Up the Gun” – Vampire Weekend


“I Got” – Young the Giant


“15 Step” – Radiohead



Anything I should make a point of adding to my phone? Let me know….


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