10 Reasons Why Supernatural Is Awesome

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It is widely acknowledged that I watch an insane amount of TV shows. All my friends can testify to that. There is one show, however, that holds a special place in my heart: The CW’s SUPERNATURAL! In view of the show’s renewal (season 11, here we come!) breaking the previous record held by The CW’s Smallville (10 seasons), I’ve come up with my top ten reasons why Supernatural is one the best shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

For those of you who have never heard of Supernatural (I feel so sorry for you, by the way) let me catch you up: Supernatural is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who are hunters. But instead of deer or ducks, they hunt monsters: vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts—as Dean so eloquently puts it: “Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.” Created by Eric Kripke, Supernatural first aired in 2005 starring Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.

WARNING! After reading this post you will probably end up binge-watching all 10 seasons of Supernatural. I know I did… (Oh, and definitely SPOILERS ahead)

1. Great music.

Dean is what I guess you would call a classic rock fan. So get ready for Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Metallica etc. Songs that have been featured on the show and have therefore gained special significance for the SPN Family (the Supernatural fandom’s official name) also include Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas, Heat of the Moment by Asia, Eye of the Tiger and many more. Dean really likes his music!

Extras from “Yellow Fever” (season 4)

2. A 1967 Chevy Impala.

The Impala is more than just a classic car. It is basically a character. It is the means of transport the boys use to travel around the country. It is a symbol of their family legacy. It is the home they never had. I doubt there’s another car out there more loved than the Impala.

The CW/via www.wallconvert.com
The CW

3. The Villains. 

Admittedly, as far as TV, cinema and literature are concerned, we live in the time of the villains. It is the villains we are fascinated with more than the heroes nowadays. Moriarty, Loki, the Master etc. Supernatural has them, too!

One villain you can’t help but love:  

Crowley-Mark Sheppard/The CW

Crowley, the King of Hell, packs so much sass he will make you worship at his alter with a single line.

A villain you still have to hate:

Metatron-Curtis Armstrong/The CW/via supernatural.wikia.com
Metatron-Curtis Armstrong/The CW

Metatron, the would-be-God, is so twistedly evil you hate him for even existing.

And a villain you just love to hate!

Lucifer-Mark Pellegrino/The CW/via pt-br.supernatural.wikia.com
Lucifer-Mark Pellegrino/The CW

Lucifer is villain in his own right. Yet you can’t help loving him because you understand him, his background, his motivation. Having well-rounded characters is an advantage for every show. A well-rounded villain is a gift.

4. So. Many. Emotions.

If you don’t laugh hysterically or cry like a baby while watching Supernatural, you are likely dead inside. I distinctly remember crying through all 41 minutes of the season five finale, “Swan Song”.

5. The gifs.

Supernatural has graced the world with gifs for everything! If you are familiar with Tumblr, then this is not news for you. For everyone else, when words fail you, you can rest easy knowing Supernatural has helped in the creation of gifs to express every emotion, reaction or situation you might find yourself in.

Misha Collins
The CW
The CW
The CW

6. The Cast. 

It is simply adorable. Other shows have great casting, but Supernatural has a cast that is adorkably irresistible both on and off screen.

From left: Castiel (Misha Collins), Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki)/via www.pinterest.com
From left: Castiel (Misha Collins), Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki)
The CW

7. The quotability. 

Supernatural has also provided us with some of the funniest, most memorable lines while creating its own unique code of communication. ‘Bitch’ and ‘jerk’ symbolize Sam and Dean’s brotherly love while ‘balls’, ‘idjit’ and ‘assbutt’ are go-to swear words for most Supernatural fans.

Jim Beaver-Bobby Singer/The CW/via imgarcade.com
Jim Beaver-Bobby Singer/The CW
The CW

Other lines like “I’m Batman!”, “I don’t understand that reference,” “I lost my shoe,” “We’re teddy bear doctors,” “I love me some pie” and “I found a liquor store. And I drank it” make any Supernatural fan crack up every time. The real beauty lies in ordinary words like “Pudding!” transformed through the power of enriched connotations. Or in people’s reactions when they understand the reference in the line you just quoted. Lines with the potential to reduce one to tears.

Via www.pinterest.com

The CW
The CW/via www.fanforum.com
The CW
The CW

8. Destiel. 

That’s all I’m going to say… And there’s Wincest, too. If you like fan-fiction or enjoy ‘shipping’, then Supernatural will give you many more reasons to torture yourself over fictional characters.

Via www.pinterest.com

9. It’s very meta. 

Supernatural is not afraid to be critical and bold. On many occasions the show makes fun of TV, pop culture and most importantly, itself. For instance, in “The French Mistake” (season 6) Sam and Dean are transported to our universe where Supernatural is a TV show. The episode represents a self-examination of the nature of the show through a satiric lens as Sam and Dean are faced with the task of pretending to be the actors that portray their characters pretending to portray themselves. The more recent “Fan Fiction” (season 10) where Sam and Dean are faced with a play based on their lives treads into the realm of fan fiction itself. And if you’re a literature-loving former academic “The Monster at the End of This Book” and “Meta Fiction” are two more episodes to look forward to.

10. It’s a show that’s more than a show. 

I have followed Supernatural for ten years now and I can honestly say that it has taught me as much about values as fairytales or books did. Supernatural taught me about family, loyalty, friendship, morality, honor and perseverance. It taught me that family is not limited to blood and that it’s okay to fight for what you believe is right, even if it’s just you against the world.


10 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Supernatural Is Awesome

  1. You’ve encapsulated it perfectly here. I also binge-watched my way through all ten seasons- it’s at the stage where I’m writing essays about the damn thing- and it never gets old. I think one of my favourite things is the sheer breathtaking scope of the show. It has literally every genre, from 30’s noir to crime to Tolkienesque fantasy- and so many episodes. There’s something deeply satisfying about it.


    1. Thank you. I was afraid I might ruin it because I love the show so much. And you are absolutely right. This variety of genres is definitely one of the reasons it never gets old. No matter how many times I watch it, I just want more. I think part of why I wrote this is because I never got to write an essay about it in real life. It’s never too late though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Go for it, I only started my essays two weeks ago. I am basically addicted to this show- I watched the entire Soulless Sam arc in a night. The quality is brilliantly consistent, too.


      2. I might actually give it a go at some point. I’ll just have to wait for some inspiration first. Good luck with yours. I am addicted to this show. There’s no doubt about it. I distinctly remeber watching the entire first season in one day.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I started in February. I actually got up at six a.m to continue watching the night after I bought the DVD. I told myself I didn’t have a problem until the end of S1, after which I freaked out until someone lent me S2 just to shut me up.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I, too, woke up early to continue watching when I first got into the show. All my friends thought I was crazy, but it was worth it.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. A couple of my friends like it, but they’re not so crazy about it. So no Supernatural marathons with anyone.


      6. Ha, I’ve managed to get my best friend halfway through season one so far. He’s myth-obsessed so we’re good. But everyone else is just like file:///C:/Users/Isabel/Pictures/Useful%20Things/4.gif


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